Guadalupe County takes steps to renovate road, bridge shop
Posted on 2/22/2017 8:46:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Guadalupe County is on the heels of yet another renovation project. The county, which opened its doors to the newly renovated Guadalupe County Courthouse in December, is reportedly now turning its attention to the renovation of the existing Guadalupe County Road and Bridge Shop. The facility is located south of the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office at 2605 N. Guadalupe St.
County Judge Kyle Kutscher says the aging facility is in dire need of a full transformation at its existing site.
"We're actually going to renovate the existing shop out at our road and bridge department which is basically the metal building and shop where mechanics do a lot of the work on the vehicles, on the equipment and store everything in. That building is in dire need of repair. Basically, we're going to replace the roof. We're going to re-sheet the walls with a metal, probably have to replace some of the roll up doors, going to put in some new electrical and lighting, put in some fans, basically to keep things cooler in the summer, put in a better heating system to keep things a little bit warmer for the shop in the winter. Also the last part of the renovation is we're going to add 25 foot lean to carports on each side of the building that provides some additional outside work space, but will also help with shade in the summer," said Kutscher.
Kutscher says the proposed renovation will only continue the county's commitment to upgrading the building and help better improve the department as a whole.
"There are two main buildings out at the road and bridge department. This building is the actual old one and again --  it needs repair and it has for a number of years. The other building is one that we just completed last year which is the new tire and lube change facility which is the new building that actually faces and fronts Interstate 10 that has the rock around the bottom. That facility is very nice, but the old building definitely needs attention," said Kutscher.
As part of moving forward, the commissioners court on Tuesday unanimously selected the Construction Manager-at-Risk as its method for the renovation of the project. Kutscher says the method will be implemented to oversee the proposed $500,000 project.
"What we put in the budget for this project was half a million dollars during last year's budget. We just discussed and decided on construction manager-at-risk. The first part of that process is selecting an architect which we'll have to do in a commissioners court, either next week or the following week. Once we secure the services, the professional services of an architect -- then we would go through and start drawing up the actual construction documents. Looking at the property and the building, deciding and specking out exactly what we want to do to it. Soon after, we would also bring on a contractor to work as part of that team. At that point, as we move through that process -- then we'll have a better idea of the actual cost of the project and the finish date of it," said Kutscher.
Kutscher says included in the CMR is the county's decision to approve its two step method.
"So construction manager-at-risk can be done at a one step or a two step process. The one step -- basically, the county would use an RFP -- request for proposals (and) go out and select a contractor. A two step -- the owner uses an RFQ request for qualifications first and then further evaluates five or fewer candidates for contractors through interviews or additional questions -- actually letting them look at some of the design documents or the actual property," said Kutscher.
County officials say they look to possibly hire an architect next week and move forward with the selection of a contractor in the next two months. They say maybe by summer, the project will be well underway.

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