Seguin woman sees music rack up more than 1 million plays on Spotify; TYSM introduces talent through single release ''Honeymoon Phase''
Posted on 2/24/2017 7:18:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- A Seguin woman is making room for herself in the music world with her latest song that within a month has neared the 1 million play mark on Spotify, a music, podcast and video streaming service.
Native Chelsea Rose Davenport, who goes under the moniker of TYSM (Thank You So Much), is amazing the industry these days after dropping her single "Honeymoon Phase" earlier this month. 
She credits the success to her partnership with well known producer Felix Snow. Snow is known for such works as Kiiara's Gold and those unveiled under the American pop trio, Terror Jr. Snow and partner David Singer-Vine operate under the imprint of Effess Records -- a combination that has worked favorably well for the young woman.
"So Honeymoon Phase, I wrote with David Singer-Vine who is Felix Snow's business partner. They both are CEOs of Effess Records which is subsidiary under Atlantic. I think we wrote the song in like 10 minutes. We sat down and he asked me what I was going through and how I was feeling and I was like I just want to write about this honeymoon phase stage that I'm in and he just like came up with a couple of lines, then before I knew it, we had finished the song in like 10 minutes. I recorded it. I think it went through about three different cycles before it was finally done, before we like got it just perfect," said TYSM.

The singer-songwriter says just after days of her music being made available for play, she was floored by the quick response.
"You know it's so funny in starting all of this, I was thinking about how this could take a year for it to pop off, like I don't know, because music is unpredictable. The industry is unpredictable. You never know what the reaction to a song is going to be or to an album is going to be. So I was just kind of preparing myself for like okay, I'm not going to get too excited. Like, it could take a year for this to be credible or known and I think in the first day, one of my producers who worked on the song with me, he messaged me and he was like it has gotten 86,000 plays in one day. Then within 12 days, it had a million plays, which was like insane. I know it's past that now. So no, I didn't expect it to happen that fast. It's kind of crazy but it's such a good song. So I'm happy that it worked out," said TYSM. 
TYSM describes the song as progressive pop -- and believes it's ahead of the trend and will be the new sound for the music industry.
"I would describe it as progressive pop, because I think Honeymoon Phase with the vocal chops and just the minimal production on it, I think that it's unlike anything else that's out right now and I think it's moving pop forward and like where pop's going. I think EDM (electronic dance music) and all the future base stuff is kind of on it's way out. I know it's big right now, but I do think it's on its way out which is why I didn't want to go in that direction," said TYSM.
TYSM says she was a child when she first realized her love for music especially musical theater. The woman who has been singing forever recalls landing her first production in "Oliver" with the Seguin Art Center (SAC). Her work and studies, up to this point, have included North East School of the Arts in San Antonio and Emerson College in Boston. She then wrapped up her final semester of school with the Emerson Los Angeles program.
Although singing and theater has been her life-long passion, it was a "bad break up" that eventually forced the young woman to pick up a guitar and actually put words to her creative voice -- a combination now heard in "Honeymoon Phase."
"We launched it either the third or fourth of February on New Music Friday on Spotify, the third. That was really awesome. I was like really really happy because that boosted obviously all the plays that it has been getting and it's been getting an awesome reaction which honestly, I had no doubt that it would, none of us did, because we loved it all so much we would listen to it. We didn't lose any sleep on the reaction because it's a good song and when the music's good, you just don't have to worry," said Chelsea.
Her personal stories and gratitude up until now are largely behind her use of the name "TYSM (Thank You So Much)." Having worked as a waitress, she says she always finds herself thanking those who serve or who are in the restaurant business. She says while others may see her "thank you" as a bit grand or a bit over animated, she sees it as a reminder of her journey to juggle both work and music.
"I wake up every morning and I'm just like in awe of everything, because it's really overwhelming in a good way. There's no other explanation other than God moving so big in my life and moving, because I was a waitress in October. I don't know. It's all kind of supernatural and I really do think it's just a God thing, all of it," said TYSM.  
TYSM says she plans to piggy back her Honeymoon Phase success with yet another song slated to be launched next month. Details of that song she says will just have to wait until released. As for her artistry goals, TYSM says she's just getting started.
"I kind of have a big goal of you know, having my hands involved in different projects. I see TYSM kind of like a Broadway show. It's going to have a run time and after that, I'm going to develop a new character and write a whole different album with a different sound. I think it's really important because my instrument is my voice. I can kind of play guitar and kind of play piano, but I'm not a virtuoso at that. I am a virtuoso at saying that is my, that's my gift, that's what I love to do, that's what I'm passionate about and I love manipulating my voice in different ways and singing different styles of music. I could play three different songs and I'm going to sound completely different on every single one of them. I think the goal is, for me, is just to develop different artist projects and we've been working on a country project and I'm really excited about that," said TYSM.    
TYSM, who is currently on her move to Nashville, says despite multiple cross country moves and visits around the globe, Seguin will always be "home."
"My upbringing in Seguin really molded me as a singer and my passion for musical theater grew here. That's where it started for me. I was singing all over this town," said TYSM.  
Seguin, no doubt, is also home to the woman's fan base -- a base that is spear-headed by her mother, Brandi Rose Atchley, a local artist and theater enthusiast.
Honeymoon Phase is also available on other music venues such as iTunes and SoundCloud.
TYSM; Honeymoon Phase

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