Council members evaluate city manager position, grants extension of contract plus merit raise
Posted on 3/9/2017 6:38:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin City Manager Doug Faseler is once again enjoying full-throated support from the Seguin City Council. The council met on Tuesday in closed session for less than an hour to consider Faseler's annual evaluation. It then voted in open session to offer him a four-percent merit raise and to extend his contract as the city's top administrator. The motion was then approved unanimously. 
Councilwoman Donna Dodgen, who made the motion in support of Faseler, says that he has done a wonderful job for the city over the years. 
"Every year when we do Doug's evaluation, he gives us a list of accomplishments and each year, I've kept that list and it grows every single year and he has helped us in many ways that I wish the public could know about but he's done things for us in forward thinking -- in the form of economic development and in the utility area and so I think for that, he deserves whatever we can give him," said Dodgen.
Dodgen says Faseler not only does a good job managing city staff, but he also works well with the council to make sure things get done around the city.
"Even though he may have been doing this for 20 plus years, as a council we ask things and ask him to do things and he never tells us no. He never says 'we've done that before.' He always looks at it with open eyes and with a willingness to look at it just a little bit differently and I appreciate that," said Dodgen.       
Mayor Don Keil was unequivocal in his support of Faseler. He says the city is fortunate to have him. 
"Doug Faseler is one of the best city managers in the state. I've had a little bit of experience now under my belt -- observing this now for many years. I've had all these years working with him as mayor and comparing him to other cities -- other people that I see throughout the state. Doug is really one of the top guys. He's very well respected by his peers and in any room that he walks into with his peers, he's well recognized for his ability to run a city well. I just really do think the city is very fortunate to have him as our city manager right now with all of his experience and with the continuity that we have going with this council and it's just something that is very very valuable I think to the city with his expertise," said Keil.       
Faseler thanked the council for the support, and also recognized staff for all the work done on behalf of the citizens of Seguin. 
"I'm just very pleased by the support of the city council. We've got a lot of things going on here in the city. We work excellent together -- myself and the council and with the staff that we have here. I'm very fortunate to have professional staff -- very dedicated workforce here in the city of Seguin and that's how we make things happen," said Faseler.
Faseler has served as city manager for the past 10 years. Prior to assuming that post, he served as assistant city manager in Seguin and as city manager for the city of Live Oak.  
The pay raise will push Faseler's annual salary up to approximately $225,000.

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