Seguin Citizen: Jamie Lum
Posted on 11/14/2016 1:00:00 AM.

What is your current occupation (school) and what does that involve?
"I am the manager and recent owner of Dietz Flower Shop, where I get
to enjoy and share our love of flowers."
What do you do off the clock “Just for fun?”
"I love to do outdoor activities, and am always looking for new
things to try."
What city and state were you born?
"Dallas, Texas"
Who are the members of your immediate family?
"My daughter Samantha Lum"
What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced?
"The biggest and hardest challenge of my life thus far has been
losing my mother to breast cancer when I was 16. I encourage everyone
to get your annual mammogram and do your monthly self exams!"
What is your favorite TV show and movie?
"I rarely watch television. I do try to watch football when I have
the opportunity ( GO Cowboys!!) I do have several favorite movies,
Gone with the Wind, and The Star Wars movies to name a few."
What type of music do you enjoy (favorite band, song, etc.)?
"I enjoy listening to all genres of music, such as Opera,
Contemporary Christian, Classic Rock, and Country ( classic and new )."
What is your favorite Seguin business and restaurant in Seguin?
"My favorite business in Seguin is Dietz Flower Shop ( of course! )
and I love to shop local first! My favorite restaurant is Kirby's
Korner. They have the best salads in town!"
What is something folks may not really know about you?
"I can be wacky and silly, I love being around people and making them
smile and laugh! Even on a bad day I try to stay upbeat and positive
and keep smiling."
If you could assemble a dinner party with any five guests (living or
dead) and excluding immediate living family members), who would they be?
"Jesus, My mother, My Grandfather Graylin whom I never met, My Uncle
"Fatso " Ron, and my Aunt Jenny and Elvis. I think that would be an
interesting conversation."
What are your roles in the community?
"Actively being a part of our community through local events and
volunteering and supporting our various school extra curricular events."
What are your proudest moments in your personal life or in your career?
"One of my proudest moments is having my daughter Samantha and
watching her grow into a wonderful young lady and achieve many of her
own goals. I look forward to seeing where her path leads."
What do you believe are the strengths of this community?
"The strengths of this community is the community itself, You see
this when people are willing to get out there and support our local
What do you find as the most interesting thing about Seguin?
"Seguin and the surrounding areas are so rich in historical value. I
love to explore and seek out information pertaining to this great
community and how it has developed over the years. I look forward to
seeing what the future holds for our small town!"
What are your future plans?
"Part of my future plans include remaining an active member of this
growing community and keeping Dietz Flower Shop going for many years
to come as we grow with Seguin."
What message do you have for the residents of Seguin?
"I encourage everyone to Shop Local and visit/support our many small
businesses that are unique to our town!"

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