Seguin Citizen: Isabella Guerra
Posted on 4/27/2017 4:07:00 PM.

What is your current occupation (or where do you attend school), and what does that involve?
"5th Grade A & B Honor Roll Student at Vogel Elementary School"

What do you do off the clock “Just for fun?”
"I like to hang out with my family and friends -- Practice my guitar and virhuela"

What city and state were you born in?
"San Antonio, Texas on December 14, 2005"
Who are the members of your immediate family?
"My dad, Richard Guerra, Mom-Linda Guerra, Brother Matthew Guerra"
What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced?
"I am afraid of height so my biggest challenge was the Zipp Line at the HEB 5th Grade Camp.
The other challenge was performing for the first time at the Mariachi Vargas Competition in December."
What is your favorite TV show and movie?
"Favorite movies are: Selena and La Bamba, I really don’t have a favorite TV show since I don’t have much time to watch TV."
What type of music do you enjoy (favorite band, song, etc…)?
"Mariachi and Pop"
What is your favorite Seguin business and restaurant?
"Subway, Juicy Fruits and Fruitismo"
What is something folks may not really know about you?
"I am a very shy person."
If you could assemble a dinner party with any five guests (living or dead) -excluding immediate living family members - who would they be?
"That would be very hard just to have 5 people but I would choose my family members who have passed away; my Tio Cuco, Grandfather Richard, Grandfather Plato, Great-grand parents – Andres and Antonia and for the entertainment I would want Selena and Juan Gabriel . Of course I would want all of my family and friends to be there as well. This party would be so huge and fun. My Tio Cuco and great-grandfather Andres were both musicians so I would be really cool to play with them."
Discuss your professional background/achievements/leadership roles.
"I attend CCD at Our Lady of Guadalupe.
I am a Mariachi and Ballet Folklorico student at Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin. I have been in the Mariachi program for 4 years and have been in Folklorico for 3 years.
I am 1 of 3 elementary students who is in the Seguin ISD All-Star Mariachi. The All-Star group are students from Barnes and Briesemeister Middle Schools. We had to try out to make the group. It takes a lot of practices for us since we don’t have Mariachi in elementary and we have to keep up with the middle school kids."
What are this proudest moments in your personal life or in your career?
"Winning 2nd place on the DARE essay contest at Vogel.
Winning Division 2 last year the Cotton Picker Mariachi Festival in Robstown with the All-Star group.
Then going back last weekend to Robstown and winning Division 1.
I am also proud that I competed in the elementary vocal competition in Robstown. I didn’t place but I am happy that my friends Benjamin and Camilla did, they won 1st and 2nd place."
What do you believe are the strengths of this community?
"People are always willing to help others."
What do you find as the most interesting thing about Seguin?
"The history of Seguin and the fact that there is always something to do."
What are your future plans?
"Next year, I will be attending Barnes middle school and I am excited that I get to be in Mariachi and band.
I would like to attend Texas State or TLU and be part of their Mariachi Program. I would love to be a music instructor and play with a professional mariachi group."
What message do you have for the residents of Seguin?
"I would take the time out to say Thanks to the Mariachi Instructors, Rapahel Alarcon and Carla Medina. They could be teaching anywhere, but they chose to teach in Seguin.
Next Friday, May 5th Teatro de Artes will be having its 35th annual recital. I would like to invite everyone to come out to Jackson Auditorium at TLU at 7:00 PM to see what Teatro is all about.
In July a group of us from Teatro De Artes will be attending the 2017 Mariachi Spectacular in Albuquerque New Mexico. The Spectacular is held every year and people from all over attend. I am really excited to be attending the workshops and to participate in the jam sessions with other Mariachis and learning new skills.
This weekend, we will be having a fundraiser for our Albuquerque trip. We will be selling Bar-B-Que chicken and sausage plates with rice and beans for $8.00 at Cash America Pawn Shop. We will also be selling baked goods. Please come out and support us."

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