Seguin Citizen: Mickey Cavin
Posted on 7/13/2017 10:21:00 AM.

What is your current occupation (or where do you attend school), and what does that involve?
"Retired property manager and antique dealer -- I spend most of my time volunteering as president of the McQueeney VFW Post 9213 Auxiliary; as an Ambassador with the Chamber of Commerce; and president of the Beta Masters Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi."
What do you do off the clock “Just for fun?”
"I love to bowl at Pin Twist Bowling Lanes on a Thursday night league, make Victorian hats to sell at Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, spend time with my grandchildren, and travel as much as I can with my husband, Jim."
What city and state were you born in?
"I was born in San Antonio, Texas."
Who are the members of your immediate family?
"I have three children, Glenn Cavin, Amy Knight and Katie Dickey. My sister Shelley Wade, a paranormal investigator, lives here in Seguin and we spend as much time together as possible. Also, my sister, Erin Ghedi, is the owner of the Magnolia Hotel."
What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced?
"Being a caretaker for my parents. My mother passed away three years ago and my father passed away this last January. "
What is your favorite TV show and movie?
"My favorite TV show is Jeopardy! I love competing with my husband. He is really knowledgeable and I love it when I know the answer and he doesn't. My favorite movie is "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir." I have watched it a hundred times or more. I would watch it with my mother as a kid, drinking hot tea. It always brings back great memories of my time with her."
What type of music do you enjoy (favorite band, song, etc…)?
"I love Jazz, Country, Rock, just about every kind. But, I especially like Andre Bocelli."
What is your favorite Seguin business and restaurant?
"I know it's not a business, but I think that our library is awesome! My favorite restaurant is Great Wall. The food is always good there."
What is something folks may not really know about you?
"I collect Madonnas. She has always been my favorite Saint."
If you could assemble a dinner party with any five guests (living or dead) -excluding immediate living family members - who would they be?
"My grandmother, Dorothy Kehler, my grandfather that died before my Dad was born, Jesse Howard Wallace, my Dad, Jesse Bryan Wallace, my Mom, Marguerite Wallace, and my brother Dave Patrick Wallace, who died three years ago."
What are your roles in the community?
"President of the McQueeney VFW Post 9213 Auxiliary, Senior Vice President of the VFW District Five Auxiliary, president for the Beta Masters of Beta Sigma Phi, Seguin Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, columnist for the Seguin Gazette Newspaper, biweekly."
Discuss your professional background/achievements/leadership roles. "Associates Degree in Psychology, over thirty years as a property supervisor for the apartment industry, over twenty five years as an antique dealer, real estate license, studied journalism at Stephen F. Austin for three years, was a news reporter for the Light and Champion Newspaper for two years in Center, Texas, and a designer of Victorian hats."
What are this proudest moments in your personal life or in your career?
"My proudest moments all involved watching my children grow up to be beautiful people. They are loving, gentle people that give from the heart wherever they are needed, they have raised children that are the same, and I am very proud of each and every one of them. My children have given me seven granddaughters, one grandson and two great granddaughters."
What do you believe are the strengths of this community?
"My husband and I lived in many different places over the years and never felt more comfortable than we do living here in Seguin. We love our neighbors, our church and its members, and the businesses we shop with."
What do you find as the most interesting thing about Seguin?
"The World's Biggest Pecan! I lived here several months before I realized that it wasn't a real pecan! Silly me!"
What are your future plans?
"I plan to continue volunteering wherever I am needed, spend lots of time loving my family and watching Seguin grow.
I'd like to give just a little plug for our veterans. Now, more than ever, we need to remember our veterans. We are retired military and we spend a lot of time at SAMMC. It is very sad to see all the young men and women that walk the halls of this military medical center with missing limbs, scarred faces, and the ones that suffer from the invisible wound, "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD." Suicide is at an all time high for our veteran men and women. Help wherever, whenever you can. The Wounded Warrior Program is a very good place to start. Donate when Poppies are offered by the VFW, DAV and American Legions. And, don't forget to thank our Veterans for their service when you see them."
What message do you have for the residents of Seguin?
“I love living in "this little jewel of the Guadalupe" and it is indeed ‘Real!’”

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