Seguin Citizen: Norma Jean Colunga
Posted on 8/24/2017 9:19:00 AM.

What is your current occupation and what does that involve?
"I retired early as a government contracts administrator. Since, I have been busy acting as our contractor remodeling our previous home and now our home in Seguin. It is a challenging and exciting process. Insuring you have competent help and materials is crucial to the process. Planning and more planning is KEY. Poor planning leads to delays and could be costly. With an old home you must be flexible with design. I am fortunate to have talented and patient help, a very understanding husband."
What do you do off the clock “for fun”?
"I enjoy reading, reading trivial fun novels, I am saturated with serious reading from technical data and research during the week. I sew, not as much as I would like. I recently made a commitment to become more involved in the First Presbyterian Church Women’s Bible Study. I am excited about this. I currently volunteer (along with 20 others) to help maintain the historic First Church of Seguin, Calaboose, and Campbell Cabin, owned by the Seguin Conservation Society. I also volunteer with a fun group of women known as The Seguin Study Club. This group hosts the annual Riverside Cemetery Tour, which helps with much needed monies to maintain the historic Women’s Meeting House. Ron and I have 6 children, 4 lovely daughter-in-laws and 12 grandchildren. We try to visit each as often as possible. In addition, we have 3 large spoiled dogs."

What city and state where you born in?
"Mexia, Texas"

Who are the members of your family?
"My incredible husband, Ron and our children; Brian and Monica (Evan, Landon), Richard and Maggi (Austin), Nathan and Lauren (Ethan and Lila), John and Desiree (Carsen, Destiny, Kaitlyn), Rhonda (Rene’), and Matthew (Hunter, Hailey, Hannah). Our four legged children Woofs, Charlie and Jake."

What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced?
"Blending a family was the biggest challenge and the most rewarding. Ron and I raised 6 great children. We never used words Step or Half. The children are all different and are all raising their children without using Step or Half. We are all a TEAM, a winning team."

What is your favorite TV show and movie?
"I enjoy TV for the companionship, not attached to any one show. Favorite movies are Quiet Man, African Queen, Gone With the Wind, and Austraillia."

What type of music do you like?
"Soft Rock and Country"

What is your favorite Seguin Business and Restaurant?
"My favorite business is Tri-County A/C and Heating and Moni’s Mutt Hut
My favorite restaurant is Park Plaza’s Chop House"

What is something folks may not know about you?
"I’m frightened to death of water, I’m uncertain, I’m not a risk taker. I struggle each day to overcome these things. I manage most except for the fear of water."

If you could assemble a dinner party with any five guests (living or dead) excluding immediate family members – who would they be?
"Without a shirt and sitting across from me Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman, and Matthew McConaughey (but only if he didn’t speak) John Wayne and Cary Grant."

What are your roles in the community?
"I do my best to do my best. Restoring one of the oldest homes in Seguin, responsible citizen by voting and respecting the law. I volunteer when I recognize a need."

Discuss your professional background/achievements/leadership roles.
"Although I did not retire from the USAF, I spent 11 years in various positions. I enjoyed every moment. The formal training and the schools I attended set a standard for my life. My career with Boeing was the icing on the cake. I was very fortunate and landed some of the best jobs. Moving with my husband and his career and maintaining mine wasn’t always easy. I retired early without regret."
What are the proudest moments in your personal life or in your career?
"Proudest moments haven’t ended, or I hope they haven’t. To date, marrying the best boy scout, raising our children and seeing them raising their children."

What do you believe are the strengths of our community?
"Pride -- We are a proud community, proud of our past. Many of us serve on local boards and serve in various organizations that work to preserve our past. We proudly serve in various organizations which not only help our local community but many reach past our Seguin City Limits."

What do you find as the most interesting thing about Seguin?
"Our history and the part it plays in all the wonders of downtown. I must add, what keeps you here is the people, the immediate acceptance of a newcomer."
What are your future plans?
"Finish “This Old House” and continue to enjoy 4th of July Parades with family and friends from our front porch. Enjoying our family and all their adventures."

What message do you have for the residents of Seguin?
"Join in, contribute, always leave things better than you find them, and respect your neighbors."

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