Seguin Citizen: Heather Travis
Posted on 1/24/2018 1:00:00 AM.

What is your current occupation?

"Assistant teacher in the mini room at Sprouts Learning Academy."

What does that involve?

"Assisting with the kids and just help making things easier."

What do you do off the clock "just for fun"?

"Spend time with family/friends."

When and where were you born?

"Alice, Texas Aug. 9, 1981."

What's the most recent book you've read?

"Looking for trouble."

What is the best advice you've ever received?

"Just breath, it will all be alright."

What is the biggest challenge you've ever faced?

"Trying to figure out how to get to work and kids to school when car broke down"

If you had to describe yourself in just two words, what would they be?

"Love working with kids (firecracker, nice)."

What inspires you?

"My family/kids."

If you could assemble a dinner party with any five guests (living or dead), who would they be?

"My brother, grandma, grandpa, my kids and the rest of my family."

What is your favorite TV show and why?

"ID Channel, interesting."

What is your educational background?

"Graduated high school in 2000/worked in child care."

What's your professional background/achievements/leadership roles?

"Working in child care for many years, helped kids pass to next grade level."

Share your family.

"Three daughters, Jordan, Kaydence and Paislee."

What are the moments in your life and career that are your proudest accomplishments?

"Knowing that I have taught kids how to be respectful and to have them hug me every day."

What brought you to Seguin and why did you choose to live here?

"I do not live in Seguin, but have family that does."

Do you have any family roots/history in the area?

"Family that lives here in Seguin."

What are your plans for the future, personally and/or professionally?

"Enjoy time with family."

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