Seguin Citizen: Johanna Bain Johnson

Editor’s Note: The Seguin Daily News today is featuring one of the actors in the holiday performance “It’s a Wonderful Life, The Musical.” Show times are Nov. 29-30 and Dec. 5-7 at the Texas Theatre.
What is your current occupation (or where do you attend school), and what does that involve?
"I am a stay-at-home mama to Jack (4) and Josephine (15 mos.) and wife to Matt.  My days are spent chasing my sweet, mischievous kids and doing whatever I can to support the hubby as he pursues another degree.  I am also a certified personal trainer, so I make time to work out to maintain my health, develop training programs, and hold on to some sanity!"
What is your role in the “It’s a Wonderful Life, the Musical” at the Texas
"I play Mary (Hatch) Bailey -- wife of the main character, George Bailey."
What do you do off the clock “Just for fun?”
"I am never ‘off the clock,’ but when I get some daydream time, I think of shows and performances I'd like to do and how I'd do them."

What city and state were you born in?
'San Antonio, Texas"
Who are the members of your immediate family?
"Matt, Jack and Josephine"
What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced?
"Moving to New York City with my brand new (less than a year) husband so I could attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA).  We loaded a U-Haul and left with no place to live, no (real) job, and very little money.  It was more than a month before we found our apartment and a job or two.  Really, it was all-around awesome and a little crazy."
What is your favorite TV show and movie?
"TV:  I Love Lucy or The Andy Griffith Show;  Movie: It's a Wonderful Life (for real!)"
What type of music do you enjoy (favorite band, song, etc…)?
"That question is always so hard.  So many say this, but I like all kinds of music (except pretty much all rap).  Music of any genre can move or affect me deeply.  My car radio is almost always turned to Christian/Gospel music, and my favorite Christian band is Casting Crowns.  I also go through phases of listening to Broadway cast recordings (Jersey Boys and Gypsy are favorites), and probably the musician I admire most is Harry Connick, Jr., because he is not just an entertainer (although he is that), he is also a very learned musician who is among the hardest-working in the industry.  Also Elvis, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and every now and then I'm in the mood for Bon Jovi or Aerosmith.  The older the better, in most cases!"
What is your favorite Seguin business and restaurant?
"I love Gift and Gourmet and Amy's and Cathy's!  That combo makes for a happy little outing!"
What is something folks may not really know about you?
"I doubt I have ever been able to adequately articulate what the community of Seguin has meant to me.  As a resident of Stockdale, 30 miles down the road, I spent 10 Summers of my youth and early adulthood with the people of Seguin Art Center doing great theatre.  I was always welcomed with open arms.  Not a single Summer went by without the creation of a new (lasting!) friendship or the rekindling of an old one.  I was never treated like an "outsider," and friendships always started right back up where they left off the previous year.  Without these dear people, I may never have fallen in love with theatre,  I may never have moved to New York, and my heart may not hold such precious people in it who have enriched my life in such profound ways.  I owe so much to Seguin, Texas."
If you could assemble a dinner party with any five guests (living or dead)
-excluding immediate living family members - who would they be?
"Jesus, my Uncle John Bain (my namesake who died right before I was born), Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, and Sandy Epstein (our NYC church pastor's wife)."

Discuss your professional background/achievements/leadership roles.
"I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Baylor University and worked for some interior designers for a while before finally deciding what I really wanted to do was perform.  That's when I auditioned for  AMDA, we moved to New York, and I completed their two-year Certificate of Professional Performance in Musical Theatre program.  My "survival jobs," as aspiring performers call those necessary evils, included high end retail sales in Rockefeller Center and personal training at a popular New York fitness club.  Three months after moving back to Texas I transitioned into full-time mama-hood, and except for teaching High School Juniors and Seniors for a year and taking a handful of PT clients, that's what I've done ever since. There has rarely been a dull moment.  Anywhere!"

What do you like best about your character or production role in “It’s a Wonderful Life?”
"Mary Bailey is a dream role, part;y because it's my favorite movie and Donna Reed is stunning, but mostly because I so admire her kindness, patience, undying love, courage, and strength of character.  I want to be like her in real life!  It has been challenging to play her, which I'll admit was surprising, because it revealed some hardness within me I was unaware had developed.  I love the challenge, I love how the process helps to change me as a person, and I love doing it all with great people."
What are this proudest moments in your personal life or in your career?
"I am proud to be married to my sweet husband for 10 years (this Thursday!), I am proud to be a Baylor Bear,/,./ I am proud that we went to New York and survived there for five years, I am proud to have gone to AMDA, and I feel incredibly blessed to be Jack and Josephine's mama.  When Jack displays good manners in public, I am perhaps the most proud!"
What do you believe are the strengths of this community?
"Enormous talent, drive, creativity and determination, in all areas -- small business, community development, the arts, you name it.  From my personal experience in community theatre, Seguin has always maintained high, professional standards, which aside from the great people has always made me want to come back.  People would say, "You mean that's community theatre?  Not professional??"  When I wanted to get back into studying voice and collaborating for my one-woman show, I had to look no further than Seguin to find the BEST. "
What are your future plans?
"To be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend that I can be, and to get on a stage and do excellent work as often as possible.  Regarding the latter, this production has proven to be no different than the rest in that the people are precious and so very talented.  I have renewed inspiration and hope to collaborate with some of my cast members (and even our INCREDIBLE director) in the near future."
What message do you have for the residents of Seguin?      
"This may be a tiny bit -- or a lot -- self-serving, but come see It's a Wonderful Life: The Musical!  Do what you do best and support this community endeavor!  It is sure to be a great way to kick-off your Christmas season!"

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Editor’s Note:
The Seguin Daily News today is featuring one of the actors in the holiday performance “It’s a Wonderful Life, The Musical.” Show times are Nov. 29-30 and Dec. 5-7 at the Texas Theatre.

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